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1 X 19

1 x 19

We only use the best quality diamond drawn 1x19 wire with a bright finish for a longer life. Beware of cheap foreign imports! We keep a comprehensive stock of all sizes from 3.0mm to 16.0mm and can fit any type of end to supply you with completed rigging, or can sell you lengths by the coil for making your own rigging with swageless end fittings.

Outside of the marine industry 1 x 19 wire is commonly used in a whole range of construction and architectural applications from balustrades, stairways, walkways,
and suspended canopies amongst other things.

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7 X 19

7 x 19

This wire offers greater flexibility than 1x19 wire and can be used for halyards, steering cables or standing rigging. It can be terminated by swage, swageless, Talurit® soft eye or by splicing to rope.

Once again we can supply ready made lengths or supply all the necessary bits for you to complete your own cables.

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Compact Strand (formally Dyform)


For those of you who are more performance orientated, Compact Strand wire offers a lower stretch alternative to standard 1x19 wire. Still made from high quality stainless, Compact Strand wire has its strands drawn through a shaped die so that once wound together it not only has less constructional stretch, due to the tight layup, but also has less dynamic stretch due to a greater cross sectional area of material for a given diameter. As Compact Strand is also stronger than 1x19 it is often possible to go down a size and to gain an advantage for reducing windage. Compact Strand can be used with all standard swage and swageless fittings.

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Wire Fittings

We stock and supply a wide range of wire fittings and terminations. On request we can provide detailed technical drawings, specifications and prices. Please contact us for further information and advice.