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Rod Rigging


Rod rigging in Nitronic 50 has become widely accepted both by racing boats and cruising boats alike. Rod rigging offers high strength, low windage and low stretch as well as long life due to unmatched corrosion resistance.

Serviceability problems are now a thing of the past with riggers all over the world having cold heading presses available for service work. The Rig Shop has a fully portable press and so we can build rigging to order in our shop or we can make repairs and alterations on site.

We only use premium quality Nitronic 50 rod. Beware of cheap stainless steel rods that will be weaker and not last as long. Rod rigging is ideal for use with furlers where its smaller diameter and smooth finish make for ease of use and low corrosion, which is often a problem with wires hidden inside the furler itself.

Rod rigging connections require a special Cold Heading system, using a pressure heading system. These can be shop or on site fitted by arrangement.

Bespoke Nitronic Rod Production

The Rig Shop can produce custom rod to order. Our facility has the capability to draw bar from its hot coil formation into full strength Nitronic rod. We can manufacture and head round or lenticular (convex on both sides) rod in sizes from -91 (19.51mm) up to -220 (30.25mm).

Rod Rigging Fittings

We stock and supply a wide range of rod rigging fittings and terminations. On request we can provide detailed technical drawings, specifications and prices. Please contact us for further information and advice.