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Through our composite rigging division at The Rig Shop, we design and produce our own advanced composite rigging systems. We develop new and individual rigging systems for marine, sport, aerospace and industrial applications and our production team represent some of the most experienced rigging experts in the world. Our team have been involved with the development of all types of systems from America’s Cup to Formula 1.

Outside of the marine industry, composites can be found in all manner of applications, both industrial and military, as they provide an incredibly strong & lightweight cable for lifting and towing.

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Composite Loops

Composite Loop

Another application for PBO, Vectran and Kevlar is to make cables from a continuous loop of fibre. This creates a super strong and super light composite cable that can have a customized thimble at each end. Once wound the cable can be protected with heat shrink and chafe covers.

One of the main benefits of composite loops is that they can be made up to your exact requirements. By altering the number of strands in the loop, the break loading of the composite cable can be determined and the size and weight of the loop kept to a minimum.

Composite Wheel Tether Composite loops are suitable for use in many different applications.

We have, for example, manufactured a large number of these cables for the motorsports industry.

"Wheel Tethers" are used to absorb energy from the wheels in the event of an accident.