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Elaine Again – JPK1010

Complete carbon mast, boom & pole refurb and re laquer. Complete new rod standing rigging. New Technora running rigging. Race tuned. Winner of class - click here to see overall results.

Blue Eyes – Oyster 53

Complete mast refurb, new standing and running rigging package, mast step & dock tuned.

Samurai J - J92

Redesigned fabricated custom mast. Complete new rod standing rigging, new running rigging package. Race tuned.

Parkstone Yacht Club

A complete new fabricated custom flagstaff to go with the new Clubhouse.

Oyster 885 Lush

Mast unstep, complete new Grandprix Technora running rigging package using Marlow Ropes.

Oyster 625 – Bubbles

Refurbish and step mast.

Oyster 54 - Blue Bayou

Complete new standing rigging package.

MG Spring 25 – Genesis

New fabricated custom mast and running rigging.

Starlight 35 – True

Mast unstep, mast refurbishment, standing rigging package and mast step.

Cygnet - Swan 44

New fabricated mast head, complete rod replacement standing rigging manufactured in-house using BSI Fittings. running rigging - replacement using Marlow ropes. New Harken Hardware package, Lewmar and Antal. Hydraulic backstay & vang service.

Even Keel - Reinke IIMS

Our brief was simple - our customer wanted Everything from the Deck Up. Complete fabricated mast, standing rigging running rigging and a complete hardware package.

Asante - Oyster 53

With such a great story behind this boat, not only in showing the exceptional standalone service that The Rig Shop provide its customers. But also, the love and care our staff will show by the extensive lengths they will go to achieve customer satisfaction, it was time to come back in for a re-rig after completing countless sea miles. Full standing rigging package and spreader modifications using Sta-Lok Tip Cups.

Casamara - Discovery 55

Full standing rigging replacement using Petersen Stainless steel fittings. Harken furling systems, running rigging and sail modifications by our good friends at Sanders Sails.

Swuzzle Bubble - Half Tonner

Complete rod standing rigging. Grand prix custom running rigging my Marlow ropes. Winner of Poole Regatta 2018.

Beneteau 47.7

A quick turnaround was required for 'Kali', we carried out a complete rod rigging replacement using BSI fittings in a very short timescale in order for the owners to take her back to the Mediterranean.

Moody Eclipse 33

Rapport received a full mast refurbishment, including a new Harken furling system, standing rigging, running rigging and the deck hardware package was also fitted by us. Such a nice owner who had to ‘Rapport’ his experience with The Rig Shop through the Moody Association forum.

Here's something Paul said about The Rig Shop:

"The advice and expertise at The Rig Shop is superb. They fabricate on site and don't just fit what they can buy. I'd definitely use them again, and get all my rigging items from them."

- Paul Cleaver"

Oyster 45

Complete mast refurbishment, including new furling system & complete standing rigging package.

Bruce Roberts 545

This was a long term project for The Rig Shop, our customers vision was to build a boat that they were able to take to the high latitudes and also be able to maintain and service themselves at sea. Now fast forward 8 years and our customer is fully content ‘Santosa’. We have completed two fabricated custom masts for Main & Mizzen including hydraulics, furlers, running rigging using Marlow Ropes and Lewmar deck hardware package.

Challenger 35

Having realised his friend had made the 'Right Choice' this customer came to us with his magic charm 'Mojo'. She received a complete fabricated mast, standing and running rigging replacement. We also supplied a hardware package, which included Lewmar winches and Antal track systems.

Slocum 43

Having brought the boat back from Croatia our brief was to get the boat up to spec for both single handed racing and long distance family cruising. With this brief in mind we set out to show that using The Rig Shop is always the right choice. We manufactured a complete fabricated custom mast using Sparcraft mast section. Along with standing rigging using Petersen Stainless fittings, running rigging, hydraulics, furlers and the deck hardware package.

VELA Oyster 45

In preparation for the Oyster World Rally, VELA received a full standing rigging replacement, new mainsail furling system, running rigging & hardware package.

Owners Annie and Tom comment -

"Hi Harry & Stephanie, greetings from Tahiti! VELA and her crew have had an amazing passage so far successfully crossing the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. We have had 3 professional rig checks by the Oyster team in Las Palmas, Antigua and Marquesas and have not required any rig adjustment or tuning. That obviously reflects on the quality of work we had by you and your team at The Rig Shop, for which we are very grateful. Thank you again for your help and expertise in preparing our yacht for ocean sailing."

Oyster 42 – Sundancer of Chichester

Sundancer received a complete re-rig standing and running rigging replacement, painted mast, boom and pole.

Classic 'Shuttle' 1937

Celebrating 80 years this June

The owner's father and grandfather, both naval architects and shipbuilders originally, purchased her in 1960 and it was Harry’s father, a master mariner, who assisted with bringing this beautiful classic back from Italy when Harry was only 13 years old. Since then Harry and the team have re-rigged her twice.

Back in 2001 she had a new fabricated mainmast and mizzenmast, headsail furling gear, Harken winches and battcar system. Nearly 20 years on she has come back in for a re-fit on both masts to make sure she's in top condition for many more years of great sailing.

John T Swan 40

Complete New Fabricated Custom Mast

A complete new fabricated custom mast with BSI standing rigging and bespoke tip cups, along with a full running rigging package with Marlow Ropes. Delivery, stepping and dock tune in Scotland round trip 48hrs!

Hallberg Rassy 34 Maraluna II

A Bit of Rassy Rigging

This Hallberg Rassy 34 received a full standing rigging replacement and mast service to prepare her for the summer... despite the looming rain cloud!

Tilda – Ocean 62

A Blast from the Past

Ketch rigged Ocean 62 ‘Tilda’ came back for a complete re-rig, having originally worked on her in 1985! Both masts out, standing and running rigging. All Marlow Ropes replaced and many fabrications carried out.

Rig Shop is definitely the right place if you are looking for highly skilled professionals that can assist you in every detail of your rigging needs, and Harry can bring his immense knowledge at your service making you look at things from a different perspective, providing solutions and sorting problems out, he can sit next to you and give highly valuable advices. I appreciate their integrity, experience, team work and more than everything they deliver on time and above expectations!

Fabrizio Mancini

New Year, New Website

We're really pleased to start the New Year with a fresh new look! Feel free to drop onto this news page to see what's been going on, or visit our Facebook or Twitter pages.

The Rig Shop Suffers an Attack of the Clones!

The Rig Shop is proud to have been the source of many technical innovations adopted and copied by the trade over the years. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but when a would-be rival company even clones your adverts and promotional strap lines, you really start to wonder!

Over the last few weeks it has become apparent that another rigging company has been placing adverts, pretty much identically worded as ours, adjacent to ours in magazines and in marinas. How very curious we thought, why would anyone want to do such an impertinent thing? It then came to our ears that the same company had also been openly informing people that they were buying The Rig Shop! Well, that was news to us, and when Harry had picked himself up off the floor and stopped laughing, we thought it best to put the record straight.

There is only one Rig Shop, the original and still the best and still going strong for over 25 years.

So beware of cheap imitations, and if you want to rig it, rig it right with The Rig Shop!

The Rig Shop Opens its Doors

The Best Just Got Better!

Rigger and the team are proud to invite you to their newly extended retail and rigging shop at Saxon Wharf.

Now open for business, the shop offers comprehensive ranges from Harken, Wichard, Holmatro, Sta-Lok, Navtec, Lewmar, Spinlock and many other top rigging brands.

If you need rope, our broad range of ropes and running rigging are now on display. From three strand to Braid on Braid, from Dyneema to the very latest Hi Tec offerings, including FNR1, the rope that glows in the dark, you now know where to come, The Rig Shop.

Our aim is to supply "Everything from the Deck Up", so you can come to us for a solitary block, a pack of split pins or rivets to a complete re-rig. And what you also get for free is great technical advice and over 20 years of rigging expertise thrown in.

Come and visit us soon!

Thunderbirds Are Go!

Oyster 53

Oyster 53, Asante, sailed from Southampton to Lanzarote, but on route managed to break her Babystay. On a tight schedule, she needed to leave the dock on Saturday afternoon on the 5th of February.

With no one to turn to the call was made to International Rigging Rescue.

Lady Stephanie received the call for help on Friday the 4th during the afternoon. As Thunderbird 1 was out of commission, Brains (AKA Harry) awoke at 0200, Saturday 5th and drove to Gatwick for a flight to Lanzarote. Landing by 1115 he was with the stricken yacht at 1230 and had fitted and tuned the new Babystay in time for the happy owner to leave on schedule by 1430.

Brains jumped a flight back to the UK and was back at Tracey Island (Saxon Wharf!) on Monday.

How's that for service!

It's Show Time, Again!

London Boat Show Report

It's that time of year again, the Christmas decorations were only just down and The Rig Shop team were off to London, for the 2011 International Boat Show.

London Boat Show 2011

Those of you who visited the show will have noticed that by cunning and stealth, The Rig Shop stand has been moving inexorably closer each year to the Guinness Bar, and this year ended up exactly opposite!.

FNR Rope

Boat Show buisness was brisk. Numerous rig checks were booked, halyards and various lines were produced on the spot allowing Mr James to show off his splicing wizardry. The brilliantly designed Holmatro winch handles proved as popular as ever, as did our boat show bargain rope rummage. Harken blocks and winch spares kits flew off the shelves and there was even a run on Boom Brakes as the show drew to a close.

Now the show is over and you have just a few months to get your pride and joy fettled and ready for a new season, so whatever your needs, from a new halyard, sexy new winches, or a brand new Freestyle custom rig, give us a call. Spring is just around the corner!

The Rig Shop Menu for Success


Starters - A Dozen Oysters

When the world is your Oyster, you need to have confidence that she is up to whatever the Oceans can throw at her. Happily at The Rig Shop we can absolutely assure you that the Oyster is our world, or, at least an important part of it!

During 2010 no fewer than twelve of these beautiful yachts passed through our hands for essential refits.


Oyster 61, Galapago had her entire standing rigging replaced with such precision that her mast was able to be left in place throughout the whole procedure. Proving distance is no object, Harry and the team travelled to Athens to work on Oyster 62, Golden Gate, replacing her standing and running rigging and fitting a new furler, and later on to Spain to re rig Oyster 53, Sula.


Closer to home, at Saxon Wharf, Oyster 56 El Mundo had the full Rig Shop check and service.

Emeah, an Oyster 62 had her standing rigging replaced and her hydraulic mainsail furler serviced, and Appollonia, a magnificent Oyster 70 had her standing rigging upgraded.

All of which goes to prove, if your Oyster needs some TLC The Rig Shop are the Oyster rigging specialists.



However, Oysters were not the only dish on the menu in 2010. Complete mast and rigging packages were ordered by Raptor, a Mills 32, Excaliber of Wych, an SOS 37 and Zara, a Jeanneau 37.

Thunder, a Mills 37, chose a complete set of running rigging and a composite backstay and inner forestay, and Amara, a Magnum 463, ordered up new deck hardware and custom sheaves in addition to new standing rigging.


Wings, a beautiful 12 metre came in for specially fabricated mast fittings, and the glourious 78' Mylne classic sailing yacht Alinda V had the complete Rig Shop makeover as part of her extensive SYS refit.


So whatever your requirements maybe in 2011, book early to avoid disapointment, visit The Rig Shop and sample our mouth watering mast & rigging menu!

Alinda V Refit Complete

78 Mylne classic sailing yacht Alinda V

The Rig Shop was proud to work alongside Southampton Yacht Services on the extensive refit of the beautiful 78' Mylne classic sailing yacht Alinda V.

First launched in 1934, she has spent long periods in the Eastern Mediterranean but returned to Southampton so that she could be brought up to scratch, whilst maintaining her classic beauty.

The Rig Shop were charged with completely replacing the standing and running rigging, and, using ultra modern materials, were able to replicate the appearance of her original fittings but with all the advancements of modern technology. Her standing rigging was a particular challenge being designed to suit the new masts and spars which allowed her to carry her original 3000 squre foot sail plan. Happily, the expert design work by The Rig Shop team ensured that everthing was the perfect fit at the crucial moment when the new rig was stepped.

Matthew Townsend, SYS Project Manager for the refit, had this to say of The Rig Shops contribution:

"Rigging being a notoriously un-regulated side of the business I wanted a rigging team I could look in the eye and trust. Harry and his team gave me all the confidence, not just in their preparation before the event but as the rigs went up they were always on hand, professional and ready to act. An excellent job, timely, accurate and on budget."

Harry was equally delighted with the sucessful completion of the project:

"It's not often that we get the chance to contribute to such a satisfying project as this. We at The Rig Shop feel proud to have helped this beautiful classic yacht to look as stunning as she did when she was launched 76 years ago."

78 Mylne classic sailing yacht Alinda V 78 Mylne classic sailing yacht Alinda V

London Boat Show

Holmatro Winches

It's January, time for diets, New Years resolutions and The London Boat Show. So The Rig Shop team packed the sledge and headed up the M3 to Excel to launch the new range of Holmatro Winches - winches so sexy that to see them is to make a resolution to buy them!

A combination of clever modern design, innovative "grip and run" technology and low maintainance coupled with elegant black satin looks, make them a "must have" for anyone looking to upgrade winches in 2010.

Katie Miller standing on a box next to Harry!

Elsewhere at the show, Harry's team had lots of fun meeting up with old friends, and making a few new ones - Katie Miller, who is following in a line of women sailors who over the past few years have put Britain at the forefront of solo sailing, talked to us about her plans to compete in the 2010 Figaro European Championships.

Sir Richard Branson dropped by to chat about his latest project and, talking of Figaro's, long term Rig Shop devotee Nigel King was also to be found eyeing up all the latest Rig Shop goodies.

Lots of you booked our ever popular "Rig Check" and "Dock Tune" services and talked to us about exciting projects for the new season. So for The Rig Shop the show was a great sucess and we will be spending the next few weeks making sure that we help all of our customers realise their dreams for a great season of sailing in 2010!

Do The Rig Shop Hokey Cokey!


"You put the big rig in, you take the big rig out......

The Rig Shop team perfect the art of mast "hokey cokey" when they organise two spectacular mast manoeuvers in one day.

Gundamain rig

One lovely October morning at 0800, the team and two cranes were ready and waiting at Southampton's Dock Gate 10, to pop in Oyster 655 "Gundamain's" 28.5m rig. By 1030 she was on her way back to Ocean Village, dock tuned and ready to go!

Then, after relocating the whole kit and caboodle to Ocean Village, "Two Cranes James" was ready for job number two, lifting out the 30m mast of the georgeous Truly Classic "Copihue."


Skillfully coordinating the movements of the two monster cranes, Harry and the team eased out the rig and popped it onto the dockside, under the anxious gaze of her crew. The rig was undressed with all rods, rigging & electronics removed, and then craned onto the waiting mast transporter!

Both lifts were performed by The Rig Shop without any "Shaking it"

......and that's what its all about!"

Something for the Weekend?

Johnny Blue 11

So what do you do when you discover your yacht has a nasty crease in its mast and you are entered in a west country regatta next Thursday. And it's already Friday... you contact The Rig Shop of course!!

J UK did just that late one Friday in August. By 1700 cranes had been organised and the mast was out. The Rig Shop crew pulled out all the stops, working over the weekend to splice in a new bottom section to the mast. By 1130 Monday morning the mast was stepped and dock tuned and Johnny Blue 11 was off to Fowey.

Now that's what I call service!

That's the Spirit!

Contessa 32

Contessa 32 "Spirit of Taranto" is a regular at The Rig Shop. After a special Sail Tune by Harry himself, she went on to win the Contessa class in the 2007 Round the Island Race - her very first race with her new owners!

This year she has returned for a Rig Shop makeover for her summer cruise. Work included fitting a new Harken split drum furling system, a complete new removable inner forestay system for heavy weather sailing, new jackstays, cunningham, anchor chain and warp plus a completely new spinnaker set up. All this was finished off with a rig check and dock tune, and, all work was completed in less than two days! Co owner Hilary Adkin said "We really can't believe what has been achieved in just two days - Spirit looks fabulous and we can't wait to try out all her new kit!"

It's Cool!

Kanter 54

The Rig Shop goes to the ends of the Earth to satisfy its customers requirements!

Two custom masts, both designed to be suitable for high latitude sailing, were built and installed for Kanter 54 "Quicksilver" and Moody 376 "Otra Vida"

S'no trouble!

Many Happy Returns

Grainger 48 Catamaran

Ten years ago, The Rig Shop built a custom mast and provided a complete rigging package for Sydney 36, "Tanit". The owner liked it so much, he has come back for another one!

Elvis Lives!

Grainger 48 Catamaran

Oyster 68, "Elvis the Gecko" needed a new lease of life for its rod standing rigging, so Southampton Yacht Services called in The Rig Shop. The rig was unstepped, stripped and had completely new rods supplied and fitted before being re-stepped and tuned. All in less than a week!

Uh huh...Thang you very much!

Fast & Farrious

Grainger 48 Catamaran

When nobody else can do the work to tight timescales The Rig Shop delivers! We re-rigged a fleet of four Farr 65's for On Deck Ltd in just 2 weeks!

Grainger 48 Catamaran

Grainger 48 Catamaran

The Rig Shop supplied a complete mast, standing and running rigging package for this new yacht. Incorporating elements of composite rigging this beautiful catamaran has just been fitted with a Nordic carbon mast and a Holmatro hydraulic package.

Swan 56 "Noonmark VI"

Swan 56

Swan 56 "Noonmark VI" wins IRC B in the 2006 Sevenstar Round Britain and Ireland Race.

Shortly before the start of the race The Rig Shop supplied and fitted a complete set of standing rigging. Completing the project hours before the start of the race our workmanship was immediately put to the test. Our rigging tuning skills proved to be spot on as Noonmark won her class finishing 5th overall.

Fat Face


They say "retail is detail" - So when Fat Face, the active lifestyle clothing company, wanted a couple of masts for a new display in their prestigious West Quay outlet in Southampton, they turned to the Rig Shop to provide the goods!

Trimaran "Wingover"


The racing trimaran "Wingover" wins her class (6) in the 2006 Shetland Round Britain Race.

Not long after The Rig Shop completed a full re rig including composite standing rigging and an extensive running rigging package

Clipper Round the World Yacht Race

Clipper Race

The Rig Shop services were called upon both before and during the event. Having completed all the pre race rigging work to the fleet our skills were required again half way through the event when all of the boats had to be derigged and rigged again in the Philipines. Completing the work in 4 days, working around the clock our team completed the task in time for the re start of the race.

J Class Velsheda


In 2002 The Rig Shop were selected to supply the replacement rod for the J Class Yacht "Velsheda". Also included in the project was the refurbishment of the massive carbon mast, 189 feet long. The existing mast and rig has been sailing since 1996 and has completed one circumnavigation of the World, plus numerous Atlantic crossings, in addition to the many demanding regattas worldwide.

Velsheda mast

The new advanced Nitronic standing rigging has been designed, produced and assembled by The Rig Shop at our former base in Ocean Village, Southampton. Custom Grand Prix racing yacht rigging terminals were produced for this project. Unique to this yacht was the addition of a new single piece forestay with a diameter of 25mm and measuring more than 140 feet long. This increases the Safe Working Load for the yacht whilst racing. The Rig Shop developed a new and complex system for the production of this forestay. One piece Rods for other Superyachts up to 80 metres long are now possible using this new production process by The Rig Shop.

Velsheda mast

Re-stepping the mast was a considerable operation in itself, requiring a special high-lift crane, and secure working area. In addition to the standing rigging, all the running rigging has been replaced in readiness for a new racing season. Superyacht FGR rope has been selected extensively for this purpose, developed jointly by The Rig Shop and Liros to offer low stretch, with high abrasion resistance and high fatigue capability for big boat sailing.

Already World leaders in the field of composite rigging, The Rig Shop also installed an advanced Kevlar cable rigging for Velsheda’s inner forestay (and for other J Class Yachts). The dramatic weight reduction facilitates rapid removal whilst racing, allowing the 4000 square foot No.1 Genoa to be set.